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3PL Distribution and Warehousing Services

We offer a complete 3PL solution for your Online, Retail and Wholesale Channels

We offer a full suite of services that cater for all of your 3PL service needs through all dynamic online channels and portals as well as consignments and bulk distribution to your retail and wholesale customers.

3PL Solutions

QMS offers modern, technology driven services that enable smooth and effective management of your 3PL needs.

We have an experienced team which is fully trained in our exacting customer service approach.
Our aim is to deliver your promises and ensure that communication to you and your customers is of the highest standard at all times.

We manage all stock and order management via a recognised integrated system which is both easy to deploy and use. This delivers cloud based inventory accuracy in real time thereby enabling you to easily manage stock levels.

We work across many different business sectors and can therefore bring a high degree of expertise in the effective management of your product ranges.

In addition to our full suite of integrated services including e-commerce fulfilment solutions, we also supply further services that cover direct marketingcollation & kitting servicesportal expertise and pick & pack.

Why not take a quick tour of our solutions section to see how these are integrated into programmes and projects that we effect for our clients

Secure storage at our Surrey Warehouses

Our warehouses are located in Guildford and Ash Vale, Surrey. Both locations are easily reached by good arterial roads. Access for vehicles of every size ensures that we can receive goods whatever the volume. With over 30 years' experience of working to a high standard with many household and international names, we have evolved a quality of operation that combines speed of response, with flexibility of approach.

We offer our clients peace of mind by providing a modern, secure environment for storage and warehousing. The sites are secure and have fully monitored alarm systems that comply with current standards.

In addition, we ensure that our comprehensive insurance cover meets our client’s requirements.

Fulfilment services and distribution

Alongside our warehouse and storage facilities, we offer a full suite of integrated services including e-commerce fulfilment solutions, direct marketing, collation & kitting services, portal expertise and pick & pack.

Our warehouses are technology-enabled so that we can develop them to meet your programme needs, we can ensure that all aspects of modern fulfilment including stock control and comprehensive reporting packages are provided.

Why not take a quick tour of our solutions section to see how these are integrated into programmes and projects that we effectively manage for our clients.

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