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The Simple Reason for our Success: Good People

  • 24-Nov-2016

The reason that Quantum Marketing Services has been successful for 24 continuous years is our attitude on the longevity of business relationships. This is borne out not just in our retention of clients over many years but as importantly the retention and building of a long-term and committed business team. We spoke with Chris Balchin our Operations Manager who has been with the company for 16 years and asked why he thought the company has been such a success, “We pride ourselves on being a good team and getting the job done on time. We get to know our clients and are always in contact with them. Being on good terms with them allows us to fully understand what their needs are.”

Before working with us, Chris worked as a production manager in the print industry. He firmly believes that the skills he learnt then still help him today, “My printing job involved a lot of proofreading and checking the quality of the print, so I have been able to bring these skills into this job because we receive many deliveries of letterheads, brochures, etc. from our clients. It’s a case of spotting any errors and reporting back.” We asked Chris what other skills are required from staff working within this industry: “Good communication skills, good teamwork and don’t be afraid to keep asking, I’d rather someone ask me half a dozen times if they’re not sure than ask me once and not know what they are doing and make a mistake. You’ve got to be patient.” Chris feels it is important for him to be an approachable manager and how he believes this is the key to a team working well, “Although I am the manager we work together as a team, and as far as I’m concerned if it’s my turn to go and make the coffee, I’ll make it. They shouldn’t be afraid to ask me anything.”

The majority of our full-time managers and supervisors have been with the company for at least a decade which ensures a high degree of experience and retained knowledge. For the larger projects that need extra resource, we have operated for over 15 years our own pool of part-time staff who are trained to the exacting standards needed in this industry. Employing this strategy has meant that we have been able to ensure the longevity of our part-time as well as our full-time team members.  Chris Balchin says, “The benefits of the staff pool are that we’ve had the same staff coming back time after time, they know how it all works. Not using an agency saves us money which in turn saves our client’s money. Part-time staff become part of the team, they know all our full-time staff. It makes our life much easier because they just come in, sit down, we brief them in and they are ready to go.” This major benefit of a team that has been working together a long period of time, delivers seamless and high-quality solutions within tight deadlines. This is one of the main reasons why our client’s stay with us year after year.

Comprehensive Direct Mail Services

We specialise in the delivery of comprehensive solutions to complex handling requirements. Whether large mailings of over 150,000 pieces or smaller, vertical market initiatives, we are the ideal marketing services company for those bespoke and specialist projects. When we asked Chris what he felt are the key advantages of using Quantum, he said “We are one of the most experienced Marketing Services companies in the UK and can provide solutions to meet every client need and initiative. This is enhanced by our flexible approach as well as our excellent location and facilities.” If you would like some further information about our direct mail services or any of our other marketing services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our marketing professionals. You can call us on +44 (0)1483 449 401 or email us at

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