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Content Moderation

With the huge increase in User Generated Content (UGC) and social media in recent years and the subsequent active online engagement of consumers with a brand, the need for active moderation has never been greater.

User Generated Content Moderation

Our moderator team monitor user generated content on websites, blogs and online communities. 

Online communities can be very influential and we want to help you make sure that the discussions and content around your brand remain a positive experience for everyone.

We identify any offensive content and rectify it as necessary as well as mitigating any potential issues early on to prevent escalation.

Social Media Content Moderation

In the early days of Social media we were responsible for moderating one of the very first user generated galleries for Doves 'Campaign for Real Beauty'– At QMS, using agreed parameters we can judge what is appropriate for publication and moderate as necessary whether this be image galleries or chat content.

Brand owned chat rooms, Facebook pages, blog or website news items often incite heated responses and we are here to help you and protect your online brand reputation.

Managing your Digital Communities

We can also help to build your digital community with a pro-active strategy to encourage participation and diffuse any arguments or act as the brand ambassador and protector - usually by helping to explain a company’s policy or views in a diplomatic way.

If you know that you want to engage with your existing and potential customers online but lack the experience or confidence to go it alone – then get in touch with us.

We can also help with the development and delivery aspects for a range of digital services with our digital partners.

Moderator Services

We can agree with you the level of content moderation that you require. For example, depending on the audience and subject, it may be appropriate for us to read everything submitted, or simply review the hottest topics once a day – It's up to you and we will offer our best advice to ensure we meet your needs.

We regularly work across the following online communities:

  • Chatrooms
  • Message boards
  • Forums
  • Rich media - audio / video / images
  • Blogs
  • Comments
  • Social networking sites
  • Customer extranets

To find out more about content moderation or other marketing services we offer please call us on 01483 863300 or fill out our contact form.