Marketing Database Management

Have you considered cleansing and enhancing your data to improve accuracy and marketing effectiveness? All databases should be cleaned prior to use and we can flag suppressions to maximise budgets and ensure compliance within the Data Protection Act.

We are one of the few companies using a mixture of manual and automated processes meaning that the data that you receive back has been scrutinised by a real person and is ready to use and not just “flagged” requiring your further investigation. Submit your data to us for an audit.

Key Database Management Services

  • Analysis & reporting
  • Manual cleansing & enhancement
  • Database building
  • Database management
  • Data sourcing
  • Questionnaires / surveys
  • Data bureau services
    • Integrity checking
    • Suppression of MPS/TPS & deceased
    • Removal of duplicates
    • Address verification
  • Database profiling

To find out more about our database management or the other marketing services we offer please call us on 01483 863300 or fill out our contact form.

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